Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Question: What food does Catarama use?

Answer: We feed Royal Canin a premium dry food throughout the day and a variety of Fresh meat , canned fish and Whiskas of an evening.

Question: My cat has never been away from home. How do I know Catarama is the best cattery for him/her?

Answer: We encourage all owners to visit the facility and choose a lifestyle option that they think will suit their cat best. There are no dogs barking, the gardens are peaceful and secured, and the bedrooms are insulated … providing all cats with a tranquil setting.

Question: How will Catarama accommodate him/her?

Answer: We have a variety of single level lifestyle options for your cat to help replicate the family home.

Question: If the weather is inclement, can my cat use the garden?

Answer: Yes. Ninety percent of the gardens are enclosed and weather proofed … you can choose any of one of them.

Question: I know my cat needs to be vaccinated but what level of vaccination does he/she require?

Answer: Catarama requires that all of its feline guests have F3 as their minimum level of vaccination. All cats must be currently vaccinated, with staff needing to sight any new guest’s certification upon entry. If the certification has been misplaced, then staff will require the name of your cat’s vet. Staff will then phone your vet to confirm your cat’s vaccination status.

Question: Will Catarama administer medication?

Answer: Yes, by the owner who has over 40 years experience in Animal Management. A small fee will be charged. Sorry we no longer accept diabetic cats.

Question: What happens if my cat falls sick?

Answer: We will travel with your cat to the nearest vet clinic available. If possible we will contact you, and you will be required to pay the vet over the phone.

Question: My cat sleeps well on his/her own bedding. Can I bring it with him/her?

Answer: We supply ample bedding alternatives, but if your cat is really attached to his/her favourite ‘linen’ by all means, yes. However, the upkeep of hygiene and health are our major priorities so, if soiled, all bedding will be washed in our industrial washing machine. It is your responsibility to collect on departure as we cannot guarantee its return.

Question: Will my cat share with any other cats?

Answer: No, only members of the same family can share.

Question: I normally let my cat out to go to the toilet should I do this before I bring my cat in?

Answer: No, your cat will probably sense something is going on and go into hiding and you will miss your opportunity to bring your cat in.